Harshith VDN
Nov 7, 2020

Executions were rampant

Only fittest could survive,

no place for the dreamers and neither for the adamant.

Flee, Flee to the places beyond

through the darkest times you have to live

forget about sympathy which nobody is ready to give.

And then rose a dreamer, he wanted a change

But he saw the world was ruled by boots, weapons and range.

He gathered people alike

and garnered much attention.

But seeker as he was

he never was just an individual.

They could behead a dreamer

but their dreams lived on forever.

This is a famous painting of Jan Matejko called Astronomer Copernicus

The sought out change dawned

‘They are relevant now’ monarchs frowned.

‘Here comes revolution!’ exclaimed dreamers

telling the world that here they come.

Now monarchs rose and fell

as dreamers built machines.

They questioned every religion

as logic & reason is their queen.

They questioned themselves

into the dark abyss of self,

‘How far can they go?’ cried the zealots

as the world changed on itself.

World went too far, sometimes shaking humanity to it’s depths

Execution never stopped, although the era changed.

Dreamers dreamed a simple world, we are yet so far from achieving

Are they still relevant? ‘Yes’ the voice came from my soul’s footing.

PS: This is a poem inspired by scientific revolution and it’s impact on our world.